We specialize in problem solving

We have created more than 300 sites from scratch and do not plan to stop. We know how to develop a website of any scale from a small landing page and a bright promotional website to a thoughtful informative corporate website, a convenient and effective online store.

Our experience includes 7+ years in data science, consulting, AI, Python, Cuda, LLM, GPT, llama 2. We are proving such knowing 'turnkey' service - from spinning up R&D center to consulting during post-production period.

Our mission is to support enterprising teams looking to improve the world through technology. We blend creative and pragmatic experience working with leaders to integrate complex, emerging technologies into a product in the most intuitive way possible.

We have successfully completed 500+ projects


Our quality services are used in 24 countries around the world


More than 140 clients received quality services

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Doctors and Nutritionists create the plans and world class Chefs cook balanced meals.

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Hair Transplant Clinics. Top Doctors for your Hair Transplant.

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Music for business. SoundSuit is a Smart Branding which adapts to your needs.

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Arctic flamingo

Arctic Flamingo is a small yoga brand based in Germany, one hour south of Munich.

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Dynamic & Automated Optimization of Kubernetes Workloads

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The company creates real connections between brands and people, develops a concept...

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With FORTE 12 music notation software, you can write sheet music using your computer in minutes.

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Fremont digital

Fremont analyzes your current status and show you how you can implement your search engine marketing.

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Meal Delivery Service is an affordable, healthy way to eat well.

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